ADESA launches new tool to boost reconditioning process and ROI

ADESA recently launched a new tool to improve the reconditioning process and optimize return on investment for sellers. The tool is also available to dealers in Canada.

The technology uses millions of data points on vehicles, repairs and sales to provide sellers with actionable repair suggestions meant to help them boost profits on the resale side—showing how tailored repairs and enhancements can improve the vehicle grade.

“With instant access to recommended recon services and the ROI of each, this new tool makes it easier than ever for sellers to make data-driven decisions on the fly,” said John Hammer, Chief Commercial Officer of KAR Global and president of ADESA.

Hammer said the company observed “impressive results” throughout the pilot period, due to sellers having the ability to invest in the right repairs and also garner the highest possible ROI.

“Plus, sellers can see all of their vehicles in one place, along with the status and location of each, from check-in to inspections to shop work all the way to sale,” said Hammer.

The tool displays vehicle recommendations in the ADESA Portal, so sellers can see which services will improve the grade and then take action. They can also include a maximum cost to show what can be done to the vehicle within budget.

“With a few clicks, sellers are able to decide which services to move forward with based on grade improvement, spend and ROI,” said Srisu Subrahmanyam, Chief Operating Officer of ADESA. “With bumps in grade improvement, we are driving more eyes to the vehicle, as many customers filter by grade when evaluating inventory to purchase.”

Subrahmanyam said dealers also reap the benefits, not just sellers, by cutting valuable cycle time between the time they purchase at auction and the period when the vehicle is delivered to the customer.

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