Infobip, Canada Drives and Videotron launch RCS solution

Infobip, a global cloud-based communications company, announced the launch of a carrier-sponsored rich communications services (RCS) solution in Canada with car-buying platform Canada Drives, and Videotron.

“We’re excited about the customized solutions Infobip provides and look forward to more effectively communicating with our customers through their platform moving forward,” said Chris Reynolds, VP of Advertising at Canada Drives.

The partnership will allow Canada Drives to directly communicate with consumers via RCS, while incorporating things like videos, pictures, and interactive messages. The idea is to reduce the need for customers to navigate circuitously through the website or download an additional app.

“Buying a car is no small task—and while our platform makes it easy to complete the transaction, there are naturally many questions that arise along the way,” said Reynolds. “This partnership, and the RCS solution as a whole, allows us to communicate directly with consumers and address their concerns, oftentimes before they’ve even identified them.”

Data from Canada Drives reveals that SUV sales jumped significantly in British Columbia during the COVID-19 crisis, alongside a significant shift in shopping behaviour. The company is looking to capitalize on the e-commerce and “all-digital approach” trend that sees brands working to adapt and meet customers where they are.

Canada Drives is looking to address flexible customer service, and increase brand loyalty with existing, new, and prospective customers.

“Consumers now actively seek out omni-channel capabilities, without even knowing it,” said Brien Jones-Lantzy, Head of Carrier Relations for North America at Infobip. “They want multiple options and touch-points when it comes to brand interactions—and they want the brands to do the heavy lifting when it comes to chronicling those conversations and each individual consumer preference.”

Jones-Lantzy said he was excited to continue to expand Infobip’s personalized service offerings in the region, thanks to the new partnership with Canada Drives and Videotron.

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