What to expect from iA Financial Group amid COVID

François Blais, previously the President of iA Auto and Home Insurance and Prysm General Insurance, has stepped into the role of Executive Vice-President of Dealer Services and Special Risks at iA Financial Group.

In an interview with Canadian auto dealer Blais, who takes over from Sean O’Brien (now Executive Vice-President of Wealth Management), discussed what dealers can expect from him and the company over the next several months — one of those things being an increase in web training.

“We’ve been doing that for quite a while now, but it’s been accelerated quite a lot,” said Blais, adding that the company discovered a need for both high quality and high quantity content.

“That’s actually our internal training platform that is made available to dealerships, so we need to meet a high standard of quality, follow-ups, and compliance knowledge-wise of our products,” said Blais. “So we are quite happy with what we have done.”

Separately, Blais said they also increased the frequency of follow-ups with F&I dealership management. “For us the physical distancing doesn’t mean less contact — it’s actually the opposite.”

By this he means the company wants to assist F&I management so they can maximize what is being offered while also bringing peace-of-mind to customers.

Blais also said the company will be completing its transition to UniFIe 2.0 over the next few months. UniFIe 2.0 is a live, digital platform that should make follow-ups easier and more timely for dealers.

“They can detect potential problems and act quickly,” said Blais, adding that it will also make electronic transfers easier and “significantly reduce the administrative work, both for the dealership employees and controllers.”

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