Honda’s new approach to MIAS

With the Montreal International Auto Show coming up fast, Honda Canada is looking to bring more to the show than what is traditionally expected — in the form of an immersive and interactive experience dubbed “The Intersection.”

Meant to replace static and conventional vehicle displays that auto shows are known for, The Intersection will create an experience that helps attendees understand the brand’s four core pillars by exploring the automaker’s interpretation of a modern cityscape (which includes conceptual sidewalks, trees, buildings and parks), demonstrations, and interactive elements.

“Our brand is more than just cars, making us unique in the automotive world. This new concept models a city where visitors can immerse themselves in our story, see how we innovate, ask questions and better understand how we participate in the world around us,” said Jean Marc Leclerc, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing with Honda Canada. “We know people attend auto shows to learn and experience something new,” he adds.

The Intersection will premier at the Montreal International Auto Show. Elements of the space will then be adapted for other Canadian markets throughout 2020, as the auto show season continues.

Features in Montreal will include: UNI-CUB (battery-powered mobility device) demonstration, Crash Test Civic (the results of a Honda Civic crash-test up-close), and Robotic Arm Interactive Display, Digital X-Ray Scrubber (environmental engineering). Understanding CO2 and Honda Community Park (about how Honda gives back to communities) will also be included.

The Montreal International Auto Show is open to the public between January 17-26, 2020.

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