Kia opens “Stinger Salons” in U.S. shopping malls

Kia has opened several showcases in high-traffic shopping centres across the U.S. to offer consumers a more “immersive and exclusive” experience with its new 2018 Stinger model.

The carmaker appears to be following in the footsteps of its Genesis sibling by bringing its product where consumers like to browse and mingle, especially with the holiday shopping season in full swing.

“Stinger is a dream car and as we usher in a new era for the Kia brand we are doing something different to show people just how far Kia has come,” said Saad Chehab, vice president, marketing communications, Kia Motors America. “Whether you are a diehard enthusiast or a curious onlooker who has heard the buzz about the Stinger and Kia’s industry-leading quality, our salons are designed to take visitors on a journey and explore what makes the Stinger such a unique and special offering.”

Consumers that visit the showcase will learn about the Stinger’s journey from concept car to reality, and interact with custom video content and virtual reality modules. Those interested in actually purchasing the vehicle will be referred to one of Kia’s dealerships.

The automaker’s “Stinger Salons” are currently open in Bethesda, Maryland; Skokie, Illinois; and White Plains, New York. Additional locations in California, Georgia and Texas are scheduled to open within the first quarter of 2018.

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