Genesis connects consumers via WIRED Store

Genesis has partnered with WIRED to promote its G80 Sport sedan at the company’s store in Manhattan, and to showcase the car’s connected technology and other similar products.

The vehicle distributor already has a retail store in downtown Toronto, and has been offering consumers both online and boutique platforms to provide them with a more personalized experience.

Putting its G80 Sport model on display in the WIRED Store for holiday shoppers to browse and explore the sedan’s connectivity features represents another level of consumer engagement. Genesis is educating consumers about its products by allowing them to touch and see what they can do in-person and at a convenience location, versus simply reading about it or viewing it on a screen.

“For those who’ve only read about connected homes and connected cars in the likes of WIRED, the store includes two dedicated activation areas — courtesy of a Google Home, and an iPad Pro — where guests may interact with the G80’s standard Genesis Connected Services technology,” according to the company’s news release. “Guests may prompt either device to send a destination to the car’s navigation system or to remotely engage the vehicle’s locks and lights.”

The WIRED store is located at Brookfield Place where the Genesis vehicle, along with other connected products, will be on display until December 22.

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