Dealer Drive streamlines test drive experience

TRADER Corporation partnered with Australian-based technology company Dealer Drive to offer a digital test drive tracking and analytics solution for Canadian automotive retailers and OEMs.

The app-based technology provides real time data to those signed up for the service. Customer information can be entered directly into a tablet or smartphone, allowing sales staff to capture details on the go.

In addition to raw data capture, Dealer Drive is designed to help users quickly respond to customer feedback, track the quality of the experience and monitor the effectiveness of the test drive.

“Dealer Drive offers proven data-driven solutions that help overcome some of the challenges that dealerships face today, helping them to operate more efficiently and capitalize on more sales opportunities,” said Jill Hadfield, Vice President of Product Commercialization at TRADER.

Dealer Drive can also manage collisions or traffic infringements, easing frustration while reducing the costs of paper and staff time.

The technology can monitor the performance of a single store or an entire dealer network, allowing retailers to easily track and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and test drives.

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