Twist Eco Car Wash saves water without using chemicals

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K Detail Plus has launched a new retail-focused website to promote Twist Eco Car Wash, a car cleaning system that uses saturated dry steam and micro-fibre cloths to clean and sanitize vehicles, says Moneer Korban, owner of K Detail Plus and Dealer Principal of K Motors Inc.

Manufactured in Italy by Menikini-General Vapeur, the machine uses no chemicals and requires about 12 litres of water per average work day. A traditional water cleaning method uses approximately 1,500 — 2,000 litres of water per work day and produces waste water.

The machine cleans the interior and exterior, undercarriage, and other hard-to-reach areas, is non-abrasive, and produces no waste water, says Korban.

“I saw a YouTube video of the machine and didn’t believe what I saw; so I took carpets with crystallized salt and grime from a van that had 500,000 km on it to Italy to test
it out — the deal was done then and there,” says Korban who holds the exclusive North American rights to sell and distribute the system units.

“There’s no calcium or residue from water, no swirl marks, so it’s completely dry,” says Korban. By applying the steam into a car’s vents, the steam spreads through the entire HVAC system, killing microorganisms, pollen, bacteria and irritants trapped in the system.

The machine’s nozzle emits steam at 10 bar, or 145 psi, and can be safely placed directly in front of one’s hand at a distance of 30 cm.

Twist Eco Car Wash is also safe to use around electrical components and wiring, allowing it to clean under the engine bay — once the heat is applied, the micro-fibre cloths pick up the grease and dirt.

“Use of the equipment at a dealership can represent everything from customer service — whether returning a vehicle, after service, or fully cleaned — to a profit centre where the dealership cleans and sanitizes the interior of a vehicle and charges for the service,” he explained.

Currently, Korban has three Ontario-based clients including Moffatt Autoworks Inc., ProTech Monte-Carlo and Car Lounge.

Twist Eco Car Wash has been sold in Europe for the last 15 years. Korban intends to create franchises across North America.

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