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Bright light – LED lighting system

Find what you’re looking for more quickly with Metalia’s LED lighting system for modular cabinets. The lighting system is available for all of Metalia’s modular cabinets of any height or width, said the company. Metalia added that the LED lighting is effective in every drawer, requires low energy and has a long life expectancy.

Going up – Tire conveyor and wheel lifter

shoptalk-wheelconveyorMartins Industries has come out with a tire conveyor to help speed up tire handling by moving tires up and down a mezzanine.
The tool is designed to move passenger and light truck tires up inclines as steep as 60 degrees, said the company.

Special features of the conveyor include a control panel at both ends, and a steel anchor plate located at the bottom of the conveyor for stability. The conveyor works when the four anchors are secured to the floor and the pre-wired electrical controls are plugged into an electrical outlet of 115-Volts or 220 Volts.

The installation process lasts just a few minutes, said Martins Industries. Cleats on the conveyor belt help to ensure that the tires are secure.

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