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The auto shopping site is focused on driving transparency in the Canadian car market

cargurus-logoWhere there is success, there is growth, and for CarGurus that was the company’s driving force for crossing over into the Canadian car review market last year.

CarGurus has seen a reported 21 million unique visitors, making the company the no.1 auto shopping site in the U.S.

And the company plans to dominate the Canadian market as well, said Sam Zales, President of International and Dealer Operations at CarGurus, in an interview with Canadian auto dealer.

It’s through transparency that the company operates.

“The motto we’re applying to the U.S. and to Canada and other international markets is to provide transparency to both dealers and consumers, so that a consumer has the best opportunity to shop for a car under the auspicies of great deals from great dealers,” said Zales.

Consumers are also getting a closer look at the dealers, which is helping them choose the right one. “Dealers, you’re getting a consumer that is educated and more ready to purchase and they come into the dealership knowing what they want,” said Zales.

The company uses a mathematical algorithm that takes into account make, model, trim and auctions on every car, and then compares them to other vehicles being offered in the marketplace. Dealer reviews are also factored in, said Zales.

“The combination of the price analysis and the reviews of a dealer tells us how to match up and provide that ultimate great deal from dealers to consumers,” he added.

The company also recently implemented its Great Badge Program, which provides dealers with a digital badge that shows they offer good and fair deals.

“It’s important to the consumer because it’s neutral. It’s a third party determining if this car is a good deal — not us. So it’s a great brand endorsement,” said Zales.

The company has taken notice of the changing digital landscape and how now, more than ever, car buyers are scouring the web and their phones to search and buy used vehicles.

“Over 60 per cent of our traffic is on mobile devices. We provide a streamlined system that allows the consumer to click to call the dealer because they might be driving and can call about that car right away,” said Zales.

The mobile website also offers directions to the dealership.

“It’s a great opportunity to direct consumers right into the dealership and close business for the dealership. Mobile first is really the first strategy here at the company.”

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