Two new TradeRev plans serve high and low volume users

New customized plan options from TradeRev are designed to simplify the accounting process, while serving the needs of both high and low volume dealers.The TradeRev mobile app creates a simplified, transparent real time automotive exchange, adding speed and efficiency to the resale process. It gives the seller visibility into all incoming bids. Find out more

The new plans include a subscription-based service for high-volume users and better serve the diverse needs of users, says TradeRev president and co-founder Mark Endras.

“Thousands of Canadian dealers rely on our real-time car auction technology, and their feedback and input led to the design of our new Pro and Standard plans,” he says.

Here’s how the two plans compare:

Standard plan. The first subscription-free service offered by TradeRev, the Standard Plan is designed for smaller dealers who want to test drive the auction tool before signing up for a subscription. It allows users to:

  • Buy and sell as many trades as desired;
  • Use elctronic payment and floor plan financing;
  • Preview upcoming cars before they go live;
  • Arrange vehicle transport right in the app.

Post-sale inspection services are also offered, and an unlimited number of users can be accommodated.

Pro Plan. Monthly subscription-based, the Pro Plan includes everything in the Standard Plan, plus:

  • Guaranteed payment in 48 hours (once ownership is received and liens are cleared);
  • TradeRev Payday, which allows sellers to earn cash;
  • ADESA Market Guide, a research tool containing details such as make, model and trim, as well as sold price and location and high value option codes.
  • Reduced fees
  • Unlimited devices for users.

“Both plans simplify the billing process, making it faster and easier for dealers to get true market value for their trade-ins,” says Endras.

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