Auto cybersecurity company Privacy4Cars secures new patent

As vehicles become increasingly connected to our personal devices and information, when a consumer sells a car, they want to be sure that the data that they have amassed on that vehicle does not get passed on to the new buyer. Privacy4Cars, is an innovative privacy-tech company focused on solving the privacy and security issues posed by vehicle data to protect consumers and automotive businesses, and it announced that it has secured a new patent, further expanding its patent coverage for removing privacy information from a vehicle by using a user computing device.

“Used vehicles are akin to large, unencrypted hard drives full of consumers’ sensitive Personal Information, including identifiers, geolocation, biometrics, and phone records,” said Andrea Amico, CEO and founder of Privacy4Cars. “This creates service, reputation, and increasingly major regulatory challenges, including the obligations companies face under the new Safeguards Rule (coming into effect on Dec 9th 2022) and a host of existing and new state laws.”

This patent grant marks the fourth patent that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has awarded to Privacy4Cars in the past three years. The patented technology relates to the use of a user computing device to remove privacy information from a vehicle and to create feedback about the information removal activity, including deletion logs for use in legal compliance applications.

Privacy4Cars is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, EU, Middle East, India, and Australia, and plans to further expand its geographical reach to address the growing number of countries that have comprehensive privacy and data security laws. The technology is available to consumers as a free-to-download app, and to businesses as a subscription service. Businesses can use Privacy4Cars’ stand-alone app or choose to integrate Privacy4Cars’ Software Development Kit to easily embed its patented data deletion solution as a feature inside their own apps.

“This new patent demonstrates Privacy4Cars’ commitment to meet the growing compliance and service needs of our partners,” said Amico. “Privacy4Cars has established itself as the clear leader in the vehicle privacy space and companies increasingly recognize the superior efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance outcomes our proprietary solution offers, making Privacy4Cars the only obvious choice”.

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