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Plethora of new product debuts this week

April 15, 2011

With two international auto shows, New York and Shanghai, overlapping each other – the last of the major shows until fall – the industry is deluged with new product launches this week. Given their global reach, many of those vehicles …

Impact of Japanese crisis spreads

April 2, 2011

Almost three weeks after a hurricane and tsunami devastated Japan, much of the nation’s auto industry remains shut down and the resulting disruption in the critical global parts supply chain is beginning to impact automakers in the rest of the …

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Toyota to add 10 hybrids by 2015

March 31, 2011

A wide-ranging outline of Toyota’s ‘Global Vision’ for the future, presented last week by Toyota Motor Corporation president, Akio Toyoda, revealed that the company plans to add about 10 more hybrids to its portfolio by 2015, as well as continue …

What do buyers want most?

March 20, 2011

KPMG surveys auto execs on key buying factors The key factors influencing consumer buying decisions are changing, according to KPMG’s 12th annual global survey of auto executives. KPMG interviewed more than 200 global executives representing vehicle manufacturers and suppliers and …