Autocrypt, Emobi launch EV chargers leveraging AI

Dealers wondering how far the use of Artificial Intelligence will range when it comes to the automotive industry may be interested to learn of Autocrypt and Emobi’s project.

The two companies came together to launch what they described as the first U.S.-based Plug & Charge ecosystem that charges electric vehicles with AI — though not quite the way one would imagine. Autocrypt is a global automotive cybersecurity company, while Emobi is a U.S.-based e-mobility hub. Together, they develop a communication framework for EVs and charging stations based on ISO 15118-2 and ISO 15118-20 standards. 

“Security in EV charging infrastructure enhances openness while providing better control,” said Sean HJ Cho, President of Autocrypt North America, in a statement. 

By combining their PKI technology with Emobi’s AI and machine learning experience, HJ Cho said they were able to bring “a secure yet innovative Plug & Charge solution to market, creating an unrestricted charging environment that ensures convenience, precision, and security throughout the entire charging and payment processes.”

Through asymmetric encryption technology, U.S.-based Plug & Charge chargers can identify the EV being charged and securely process the payment for the session. Autocrypt said Emobi worked closely with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory for the project. 

“The focus is to enable EV automakers, charger operators, and e-mobility service providers to continue building their products without being hindered by edge cases and constantly evolving standards,” said Lin Sun Fa, CEO of Emobi, in a statement.

She said they are leveraging AI and Autocrypt’s PKI technology within the existing ISO 15118 standards to improve charging infrastructure quality and security.

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