Monte Weis joins Canada’s Forest Trust to enhance sustainable practices within dealerships

Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation appointed Monte Weis as National Advisor of its automotive division and is partnering with him to broaden and enhance the reach of its Climate Protection Plan for dealerships, OEMs, and motorists.

In a news release, CFT indicated they expect their solution to result in a more “nature-positive” automotive sector. And the newly appointed Weis is also expected to put his automotive experience and insights, which includes merger and acquisitions, physical and digital retail, and the dealer franchise model place, to boost the reach and impact of CFT’s Climate Protection Plan.

“I have long championed the integration of sustainable practices within dealership operations,” said Weis in a statement, adding that “my engagement in CFT’s initiative marks the next stride toward enhancing the value that the automotive industry — think dealerships, manufacturers, etc. — provide and aligning our models with the growing customer demand for practical solutions to compensate for their inevitable emissions.”

He said CFT’s initiative is a commitment to help promote a sustainable future by “integrating reliable and proven carbon capture technology with time-honoured forestry practices.”

Founder and CEO, Gary Zed, said Weis’ appointment marks a big milestone for the corporation as they work to combat one of the largest sources of emissions: the automotive industry.

“With Monte as the National Advisor of our Automotive Division, we are well positioned to shift how individuals perceive and contribute to environmental stewardship and climate action,” said Zed in a statement. “Our Climate Protection Plan is not just another green initiative; it’s a transformative solution that grows a more biodiverse and resilient planet, one car at a time.”

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