Reynolds, TrueSpot partnership to help dealers benefit from real-time asset tracking

Reynolds and Reynolds is making a strategic investment in TrueSpot as they partner with the Texas-based platform for real-time location to help dealerships better manage their assets.

The partnership aims to help automotive retailers become more successful, as TrueSpot allows dealerships to boost their efficiency across their variable, fixed operations, and reconditioning departments. This is done by reducing holding costs, avoiding lost-key expenses, lowering wait time, and increasing customer service.

“TrueSpot’s platform enables dealerships to harness the power of real-time tracking and location intelligence to manage their assets, workflows, and operations more efficiently,” said Mike Hanna, CEO of TrueSpot, in a statement.

The company’s AQFind platform automatically analyzes geospatial data and location-specific insights, which in turn can help dealers make more informed decisions about their operations. Dealers can access visual representations of the insights they receive through smart maps, dashboards, and reporting.

“The transformative potential of location intelligence in retail automotive is significant,” said Reynolds President Chris Walsh in a statement. “TrueSpot’s innovative approach aligns seamlessly with our goals, and we are enthusiastic about delivering enhanced value to our customers and the broader retail automotive ecosystem.”

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