LA Auto Show survey highlights strengths of U.S. EV marketplace

Organizers of the Los Angeles Auto Show, which opens its doors to consumers from Nov. 17-25, have released the results of an electric vehicle-focused survey that highlights the strengths of the current marketplace in the United States.

The survey was conducted last week to previous attendees of the annual event, and found that 65% of respondents are considering an EV purchase. Also, 47% are more likely to buy an EV following the collaboration between Tesla and OEMs (more than 17) to use Tesla’s Supercharging network.

“While every manufacturer and battery producer is developing new technology that will increase range and reduce charging times, it seems that charging station availability is a continuing conversation for potential owners,” said the Los Angeles Auto Show in a news release.

However, they added that several respondents anticipated a shift as Tesla charging stations were made available to owners of other automotive brands. Beyond that, 72% of EV owners said their satisfaction increased since owning an EV. And 62% were influenced by California’s EV rebates, tax credits, and/or incentives.

Owners are also less concerned about resale value, perhaps because 56% of respondents have owned their EV for less than two years. “However, 46% have used their EV for more than three years and resale remains less of a concern,” said the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The 116th Los Angeles Auto Show will run from Nov. 17-26, 2023 at the LA Convention Centre in California. It will feature a range of displays and brand showcases from a number of automotive brands.

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