FLO helps develop program to educate, certify EV charging station technicians

Electric vehicle charging company FLO helped develop a program to educate and certify future EV charging station technicians.

Specifically, experts from FLO supported SAE International (formerly named the Society of Automotive Engineers) on building their new Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Technician Certification program. That program will be offered to technicians who maintain, repair, and operate EV charging stations.

“As more and more EV charging stations are deployed, the industry will see an increasing need for technicians to help keep them operational,” said Benoit Lemieux-Lepage, Senior Network Operations Manager at FLO, in a statement. “This training and certification program will help build a new generation of qualified technicians and play a direct role in ensuring EV drivers have reliable charging experiences.”

The certification aims to provide education and skills to EV charging technicians. The EVSE Certification will be granted to those that successfully complete a comprehensive training program and pass an exam administered by SAE ITC Probitas Authentication (an Industry Program under the aegis of SAE Industry Technologies Consortia).

“The final result is a comprehensive, technically sound, and credible program built by industry for industry,” said Michael Paras, Manager Business Development and Strategic Partnerships for SAE International, in a statement.

The program and exam will likely be available by the end of the year. More information is available here.

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