Provincial new light vehicle sales looking good for September

Provincial new light vehicle sales among reporting OEMs were notably positive last month, September 2023, when sales increases were widespread across Canada.

That is according to DesRosiers Automotive Consultants; its latest update shows that all provinces experienced double-digit increases, with the largest (in terms of percentage) coming from Prince Edward Island — up 39.4%. Nova Scotia followed with an increase of 28.6%.

“With new light vehicle sales up now for eleven consecutive months, it is unsurprising that all of the regions in Canada have shown sales increases over last year,” said Andrew King, Managing Partner at DAC, in a statement. “Variation still exists, but the recovery in sales from the semiconductor shortages is now broadly based from coast to coast to coast.”

Alberta, one of the larger-volume provinces, enjoyed a 27.7% sales increase over September 2022. And DAC said Ontario added the most volume, over 10,000 units, due to a 19.4% boost over the same period last year. So far this year, the province has also experienced the largest sales increase, at 11.8%, while Saskatchewan noted the lowest at just 0.2%. Newfoundland experienced the lowest increase for the month at 10.3%, when compared to the same period in 2022.

The total for new light vehicle sales, again among reporting OEMs for September 2023, sits at an estimated 155,259 units sold, which is up 19.0%. Year-to-date, sales jumped 10.1%, reaching 1.26 million units.

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