B.C.’s Vicinity Motor Corp opens large campus in U.S. to build EVs

As the world shifts ever more towards electrified transportation, Vicinity Motor Corp., a British Columbia-based supplier of electric vehicles for public and commercial use, officially opened a 100,000-square-foot campus in Ferndale, Washington on September 12.

In a news release, the company said it would immediately start cutting into VMC’s order backlog of more than $150 million, which includes recent deals with Pioneer Auto Group, among others. The annual assembly capacity of the new building climbs to 850 units for low- and zero-emission buses, and 6,250 units for Class 3 all-electric trucks.

“With light- and medium-duty EV inventories across North America projected to top one million by 2030 and six million by 2040, I’m excited to see our business firing on all cylinders, and am immensely proud of the work our team has put into designing and building a world-class manufacturing facility,” said VMC CEO Will Trainer in a statement.

The new campus will serve other purposes as well, such as conducting pre-delivery inspections, research and development, and general technical and servicing work.

The company remains busy on the Canadian front as well, having recently announced the receipt of a new purchase order from Simcoe County in Ontario for buses. And the previous week it attended the Fully Charged LIVE event in Vancouver, B.C., displaying some of its EV products.

The show is a “premier resource for electric vehicles with over 4 million viewers per month on its channel,” said Trainer in a statement prior to the event.

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