KBB announces best cars for college students

With the school year set to kick off for college and university students across the United States (and Canada), Kelley Blue Book recently released its list of the Best Cars for College Students for 2023.

In selecting the vehicles, KBB considered factors such as cost of ownership, safety, technology, and practicality. “There are so many variables to weigh in picking any car — let alone one for a college student — and sometimes the process can be truly overwhelming,” said Brian Moody, Executive Editor for Kelley Blue Book, in a statement.

Moody said the sticker price is top-of-mind for students, which is why KBB started with a price ceiling of US$25,000 for the new cars on this list. They also selected used vehicles ranging from various price points.

“While reduced inventories of new and used cars have presented challenges, including stubbornly high prices and limited choices for some brands, we are seeing downward movement on the average prices for new cars, so there is hope,” said Moody in a statement.

Based on KBB’s list, the best new cars and SUVs under US$25,000 include the 2023 Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Honda HR-V, and the Mazda3.

The best used cars and SUVs under US$20,000 include the 2015-2017 Toyota Camry, 2016-2017 Honda Accord, 2017-2018 Toyota Corolla, and 2015-2018 Mazda CX-5.

And the best used cars and SUVs under US$15,000 include the 2012-2014 Toyota Camry, 2007-2014 Honda CR-V, and 2011-2015 Honda Accord.

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