Équité Association calls on Transport Canada to update auto theft prevention standards

With the increase of auto theft, Équité Association is calling on Transport Canada to update Canada’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations by adopting the new standards set out by UL Standards & Engagement (ULSE).

Équité Association is a not-for-profit organization that supports Canadian property and casualty (P&C) insurers. In a news release, they said the current theft prevention standards are outdated as they have not been updated since 2007; they need to be modernized to include the latest anti-theft technologies.

“Back in 2007, when those standards were adopted, considerations were not given to push button start vehicles,” said Bryan Gast, VP of Investigative Services for Équité Association, in a statement. “Criminals are now taking advantage of the outdated standards.”

Based on the organization’s 2022 data, auto theft is up 48.3% year-over-year in Ontario, Quebec is up 50% YOY, Alberta is up 18.3% YOY (following years of decline), and Atlantic Canada is up 34.5% YOY. Gast said criminals are able to quickly and easily take advantage of outdated vulnerabilities, which is why there is an increase in stolen vehicles across the country.

The organization also said there is a need for an effective anti-theft device installed by OEMs in every new vehicle. They recommend that these devices not surpass three years of use so as to remain current with modern anti-theft technology.

“Canadians deserve protection from the organized crime syndicates who are behind this drastic increase in auto theft, and the reassurance in knowing that their vehicle is not at risk due to outdated standards,” said Terri O’Brien, President and CEO of Équité Association, in a statement.

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