Edmonton airport now home to 100 Toyota hydrogen fuel cell EVs

The Edmonton International Airport (YEG) is now home to 100 Toyota Mirai cars, the first fleet of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles in Alberta thanks to a partnership with Toyota Canada.

YEG’s President and CEO Myron Keehn called the announcement a “monumental day” for the Edmonton Metro Region — and particularly for its Vehicle Challenge.

“These vehicles and our partnership with Toyota Canada will help reduce emissions, attract investment, and kick-start the Edmonton Metro Region’s 5,000 Vehicle Challenge, which aims to have 5,000 hydrogen and hydrogen dual-fuel vehicles on the road in Alberta by 2028,” said Keehn in a statement.

A mass adoption of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles requires a steady demand of vehicles, infrastructure, and supply of hydrogen fuel. In its news release, YEG said it has been coordinating efforts for several fleets and fuel suppliers to invest in the technology.

As for Toyota Canada, its Vice President of Corporate Stephen Beatty said the company believes that hydrogen — among other things, such as battery electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and other emerging technologies (like e-fuels) — will play an important role in “a multi-technology approach” to decreasing carbon emissions across the nation.

“YEG’s fleet of Toyota Mirai FCEVs will help accelerate the use of hydrogen in Alberta and having on-site hydrogen fuelling infrastructure will make them a true hub, spurring the growth of Alberta’s hydrogen economy,” said Beatty in a statement.

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