TADA changes its name to MVRO

The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association is changing its name to the Motor Vehicle Retailers of Ontario. TADA Executive Director Todd Bourgon said the name change will make it more easily understood and identifiable.

“During the COVID pandemic when stakeholder and government involvement with the association was crucial, the word Trillium confused many of those leading key consultation processes/ministries that ultimately provided dealers with the multitude of tools to survive,” said Bourgon in an interview with Canadian auto dealer.

He added that TADA’s legacy relationships ultimately helped them get to where they needed to be — including having the association deemed essential.

“But the risk of not being involved in the process pointed to confusion around the word ‘Trillium’ on many occasions, with some notably asking us if we were associated with the health network,” said Bourgon.

When the TADA Board of Directors assessed challenges faced during the pandemic that put dealers at risk, Bourgon said they realized it was time to evolve the namesake. They wanted to eliminate any future challenges related to it.

Bourgon also said the Board appointed a committee featuring peers and past presidents, and that the selection process had already begun. He said the new name will eliminate any confusion, because it is very specific.

“That was the ultimate goal — to have a namesake that clearly defined who we are without having to explain it, whether you were on the association side or a dealer working in their market with their local government representative,” said Bourgon. “Every other new car dealer association in North America has represented their namesake in a similar recognizable fashion.”

The name change will officially take effect on May 1.

“There will be an awareness campaign through the proper strategic channels to industry,” said Bourgon. “For consumers, there will be no formal campaign. It will be word-searched-based in the channels they currently use to search and engage with us. It will be known as MVRO. Our branding will all be MVRO.ca to promote our main access point for our members.”

In 2012, the TADA was formed following an amalgamation between the Ontario Automobile Dealers Association (OADA) and the Toronto Automobile Dealers Associations (TADA).

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