Mobile car inspection service Kiwiz expands across Canada

A Montréal-based mobile car inspection service that launched in Québec in January 2022 has since expanded across the country.

Known as Kiwiz, the service is available across both Québec and Ontario, and in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Halifax. The timing, according to the company’s co-founder and COO Adélaïde Favé, is perfect.

“Before the pandemic, buyers had the luxury of checking out different cars at several dealerships and taking time to mull over their decision before putting down a deposit, which would be valid for a few days while the car was inspected,” said Favé in a statement.

But with a scarcity of vehicles on the market, she said consumers now have to make quick decisions — and the demand is there. “Our unique service makes the process of buying a vehicle more transparent and less stressful for the consumer.”

According to the company’s news release, Kiwiz acts as a third party during the buying stage — covering gas, electric, hybrid, luxury or recreational vehicles that are either sold privately or through a dealership. Its trained mechanics will travel within a 30 to 50 kilometres radius from major centres to conduct an on-site 170-point pre-purchase inspection.

“Of the used cars inspected since the launch of our service, one in three was not recommended due to major mechanical issues, required repairs valued at more than $5,000, doubts concerning correct odometer readings or the presence of hidden defects,” said Favé in a statement. “The fact that 97 per cent of our customers followed our recommendations is a testament to the trust consumers have in our specialists.”

The company also offers a 90-day protection plan for customers with eligible vehicles, thanks to a partnership with KM+ Warranty.

Kiwiz expects to triple its customer base over the next year.

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