If You’re a Canuck, You’re in Luck: This Corvette salesman puts the brand into a Canadian perspective

March 31, 2023

When it comes to social media and selling cars, Morgan Crosbie has become somewhat of a national celebrity.

The salesman with Finch Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac in London has a popular YouTube channel called Cars and Crosbie that has almost 10,000 subscribers. He owns several Corvettes, which has made him popular among enthusiasts of the legendary brand, but there is a uniquely Canadian element to his videos. One of the phrases he has coined on his channel is If You’re A Canuck, You’re In Luck.

“Maybe it’s because I’m a Canadian and I would hope that I embody the civic spirit that we should all have,” said Crosbie. “In theory, I’m going to help 1,000 people with a video, and if I can get five to 10 of them to buy from me then that’s all I need in terms of compensation. I’m happy that I was able to help out fellow Canadians”.

This patriotism goes beyond just a marketing ploy — Crosbie is the real deal, eh?

“That’s always the thing that’s made me feel really wholesome and reinvigorate my passion for being a car salesman in that I’m helping out fellow Canucks. I usually use ‘If You’re A Canuck You’re In Luck’ when I try to translate what’s on an American website or an American program online. When it comes to Corvettes, almost everything is geared toward the American (audience) and we are kind of an afterthought. I use my channel to kind of help translate and navigate the experience. I’m more interested in trying to connect with fellow Canadians, more importantly from a business perspective, Ontarians, that are looking to buy a car and help them out.”

He recently came back from Texas where he was among about 150 brand ambassadors from around the world flown down by General Motors to learn about the new Cadillac Lyriq. He has filmed content for a massive series about the car.

“Again, it’s getting back to my basics in terms of creating content that can relate to any Ontarian,” said Crosbie. “I’m now in the process of electrifying my 110-year-old house. If this guy from London can go out and get the city to help him in putting a 200-watt amp box in his house, hire an electrician to run a line to his garage and then utilize Cadillac’s program of being able to install a charging station into your house for free, then why can’t (anybody) do that? 

“As much as the Corvette stuff is what I made a name for myself, I’m right now very heavily involved in laying a foundation for the EV market. That’s the way of the market whether you like it or not.

“I’ve recently become a father and I’ve got an Escalade. I give all my cars nicknames and I call this my Dadillac. I’ve got a lot of content related to having a child and owning a vehicle. It’s just an extension of who I am.” – Perry Lefko

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