Eek, another Tesla steering wheel falls off while driving

In a post targeting Tesla CEO Elon Musk in January 2023, Twitter user Prerak posted photos and details of a “horrific” experience with his brand-new Tesla Model Y all-electric SUV: The steering wheel reportedly came off while the vehicle was in motion. This would be at least the second incident in which a new Tesla’s wheel fell off since 2020, when the same happened to a Tesla Model 3 sedan. Now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is opening a preliminary evaluation into the potential risk of the Model Y’s steering wheel falling off, which could impact more than 120,000 vehicles. The posted NHTSA report on the new investigation claims at least two Model Y vehicles were delivered to customers apparently missing a retaining bolt in the steering column, as was reported in the case of Prerak’s complaint back in January. Read original article here.

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