Challenges abound on path to global zero emission goals: ABI Research

Governments all over the world are actively trying to work towards a zero-emission future by encouraging the transition to electric vehicles. As in Canada, the European Union will soon require all cars sold from 2035 to be zero emissions. China’s goal is for 50 per cent of cars sold in 2035 to be new energy vehicles. The United States is aiming for 50 per cent of sales in 2030 to be electric vehicles (EVs).

To this end, the auto industry must prepare to deliver 45 million EVs in 2030 and 71 million in 2035, while addressing a myriad of challenges, according to a new study by ABI Research. These challenges include scaling production, bringing down costs, optimizing battery lifecycles, increasing charging convenience, and managing the introduction of a significant new load to the grid.

To help governments and industry in achieving these goals, ABI Research has launched a new Electric Vehicle research service to provide automotive industry players, innovators, and suppliers with actionable research and strategic guidance to tap into this rapidly expanding industry.

“ABI Research’s Electric Vehicle research service focuses on EV trends and technologies in passenger, commercial, and two-wheel vehicles. From scaling production to optimizing operation and facilitating end-of-life, the Electric Vehicle research service will provide holistic coverage of the new materials, chemistries, software, and services powering the zero-emission vehicle revolution,” said James Hodgson, Principal Analyst and EV research lead at ABI Research.

The Electric Vehicle research service explores the convergence of key enabling technologies that will drive the adoption of EV powertrains at scale, ranging from novel materials and battery chemistries to battery management systems, connected services, and digital twins.

“The EV research service will provide complete coverage across all types of electric vehicles throughout their lifecycle and throughout the ecosystem, helping suppliers navigate the EV transition, take advantage of the opportunities presented, and move quickly to respond to emerging trends,” said Dylan Khoo, EV Industry Analyst at ABI Research.

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