CarGurus releases online reputation ebook

CarGurus released an ebook, called The Art of Online Reputation Management, meant to provide dealers with a head-start on collecting reviews for the next year.

The ebook includes reputation management strategies from its Top-Rated Dealers on building trust with consumers and increasing profits.

“As the growth of the Internet and social media makes it easier for people to share their buying experiences — good and bad — with fellow shoppers, it’s more important than ever that you start paying attention to your online reputation,” said CarGurus in its news release.

“From responding to reviews and collecting new ones to incorporating them into your marketing strategy, there’s a lot you can do to maintain (and improve!) your reputation,” it added.

The ebook includes a section about establishing trust through online reviews, collecting reviews, and monitoring and responding to them, as well as integrating them into a marketing strategy. It also includes a reputation management checklist.

“Consumers are increasingly completing more of the car-buying process online, and your reputation is one of the first things they’ll look into when considering whether to buy a vehicle from your dealership,” said CarGurus in its report. “To win these buyers, it’s crucial that you manage and maintain your online reputation.”

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