BMW building hydrogen-powered demo fleet of iX5s

A few months after it began building the fuel cells for the BMW iX5, the automaker has officially launched the first batch of hydrogen-fueled sport utilities. BMW is just one of a handful, along with Toyota and Hyundai, to have developed passenger cars powered by hydrogen amid a significant turn toward EVs in the past year. The BMW iX5 couples fuel cells made by Toyota with what is essentially an EV drivetrain borrowed from the BMW iX, along with a small 2.0-kWh lithium-ion battery. The result is an output of 395 hp, with the 16 pounds of hydrogen aboard giving the sport utility a range of 310 miles in the WLTP cycle. The automaker doesn’t intend to sell or lease any of these vehicles. Instead, like many others before them including the 7-Series hydrogen cars, the iX5 will be part of an eventual fleet of fewer than 100 units that will be used for demonstration purposes. Read original article here.

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