Car Media launches new 360° vehicle merchandising solution at NADA Show

AutoVerify’s Car Media launched a new 360° vehicle merchandising solution this week. Car Media 360 is the latest version of Car Media’s popular vehicle image capture software, which now includes a new 360 media player. This new tool will be available for purchase directly from Car Media and through select OEM-certified digital dealer programs in Canada and the United States starting this month.

“Car Media 360 is the latest iteration of our self-serve vehicle merchandising application which provides best-in-class vehicle image capture and a revolutionary new 360 media player,” says Randy Price, Vice-President, Growth at AutoVerify, parent-company of Car Media. “Car Media 360 allows dealers to create their own custom hot spots (photo, video, and condition) and includes Car Media’s proprietary editing and background replacement which ensures 100 per cent brand compliance. Our customers can now capture and generate a stunning 360° experience in under 10 minutes. Best of all, dealers may use their own Android or iOS hardware and are not subject to any start-up fees.”

Car Media 360 aims to allow the dealer to showcase their inventory in a consumer-friendly way. “We anticipate great demand for this product as dealers have been requesting this  functionality from us for well over a year,” said Price. “We have a long list of existing clients looking forward to it already.”

The software is useful for many players in the auto industry. “OEMS, dealers, dealer groups and online retailers can rest assured that by partnering with Car Media, they will be able to quickly and effectively merchandise their inventory in a transparent, compliant, and engaging way.”

The company says that integrating 360° vehicle views into vehicle listings will “increase transparency and improve the consumer experience through high engagement media”.

“After piloting Car Media 360 with key dealer clients, we are now ready to offer this solution to both new and existing clients who are looking to level-up their game and provide a best-in-class 360° experience for their customers,” said Price.

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