80s and 90s classics to star at the CIAS via OBLIVION Car and Culture Show

If you’re a Gen-Xer, get ready for a heady dose of nostalgia at the Canadian International AutoShow this year, with the return of the OBLIVION ‘80s and ‘90s Car and Culture Show. This is a showcase that is “committed to the vehicles of the 1980s and 1990s—surrounded by the pop culture elements that helped define the era.” Visitors can immerse themselves in 80s and 90s arcade games, big action flicks, New Wave, Hair Metal and Grunge music blaring out of ghetto blasters, while experiencing eight vintage vehicles headlined by the iconic DeLorean time machine made famous in the Back to the Future movie trilogy.

“The people of my generation have a growing sense of nostalgia and a genuine desire to reconnect with the elements of their youth, whether that is the first car they drove or the toys they played with as a kid,” said Justin Sookraj, founder of OBLIVION and owner of Wells Auto, a DeLorean-specific dealership and repair shop in Milton. “As the artifacts from the ‘80s and ‘90s become more rare, OBLIVION is a way to celebrate that culture fondly.”

The OBLIVION car show had its first event in Milton in 2018 featuring vehicles from the era when Generation X came of age. It has since become a travelling show with a new venue every year that exhibits 1980s architecture and aesthetic vibes.

“Cars produced in the 1980s are all turning 40 this decade — they are true classics in every sense of the word,” says Jason Campbell, General Manager of the AutoShow. “They are an important piece of the collector market, while also driving a strong sense of nostalgia for Generation X.”

At the 2023 Canadian International AutoShow, the OBLIVION exhibit will showcase a couple of instantly recognizable cars from movies and TV, plus some rare showstoppers that will get the nostalgic juices flowing. Among the cars planned to be part of the display is a 1987 Magna Torrero Prototype, one of only three ever built. Powered by a 532hp 8.1L V8, it features all-wheel drive, satellite navigation, a video entertainment system and an on-board fax machine.

Other cars to be seen at OBLIVION include:

● 1993 Jeep YJ, straight from Jurassic Park ● 1994 Alfa Romeo RZ
● 199 Plymouth Prowler and Trailer ● 1987 BMW M3
● 1991 Honda Civic Special Edition ● 1993 GMC Typhoon

The OBLIVION display room will be found in Castrol Alley on the 700 Level of the South Building in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (rooms 714 and 716). For more information or to buy tickets, please visit autoshow.ca. Media accreditation to the 2023 AutoShow is now online and can be requested at autoshow.ca/media-registration.

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