360.Agency makes a splash at the NADA Show with launch of DRX 360

February 3, 2023

360.Agency made the most of the NADA Show in Dallas last week, creating huge buzz with the Facebook Live launch of their newest digital retailing product, DRX 360. According to the company “DRX 360 platform brings together all the essential functions needed to create, manage and sell vehicles online and in-store simultaneously. From the search for a vehicle to the final sale, DRX 360 covers the whole process, whether the consumer wants to interact with the dealer in-person, virtually or both”. Canadian auto dealer interviewed 360.Agency President, Louis-Yves Cloutier, to find out what the hype is all about.

About Todd Phillips

Todd Phillips is the editorial director of Universus Media Group Inc. and the editor of Canadian auto dealer magazine. Todd can be reached at tphillips@universusmedia.com.

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