J.D. Power acquires ZappyRide, expands EV portfolio

J.D. Power completed its purchase of electric vehicle (EV) data company ZappyRide, helping the data analytics firm expand its EV portfolio as part of its E-Vision initiative.

ZappyRide builds white-label software and tools for automotive OEMs and electric utilities, among other groups. Some of the company’s software and services include strategic planning for electrification programs, EV program administration resources, consumer shopping and cost analysis tools, and regional and federal incentive data.

“The far-reaching implications of the historic EV transformation are not isolated to the auto industry; they are creating ripple effects far and wide that will change the game for utilities, federal and local governments, consumers and more,” said Dave Habiger, President and CEO of J.D. Power, in a statement.

ZappyRide, he said, is positioned at the centre of that interconnected ecosystem. Its position allows the company to provide EV stakeholders with the tools needed to make “better, faster, and more well-informed decisions.”

“By adding these capabilities and key relationships to our robust offerings in automotive and utilities data, analytics and consumer intelligence, we are strengthening our leadership position in the EV intelligence space,” said Habiger.

Approximately 20 new EV models launched in the U.S. market in 2022, according to Craig Jennings, President of J.D. Power Autodata Solutions. He said about one-fourth of Americans are now “very likely” to consider an EV for their next purchase or lease.

“J.D. Power has been on the front lines of that transformation for the last several years, and — with the acquisition of ZappyRide — we are further solidifying our position as a one-stop-shop for critical data, analytics and consumer intelligence on all aspects of the EV economy.”

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