Perry Lefko wins AJAC Environmental Journalism Award for 2022

We here at Canadian auto dealer are very happy to work with the talented writer and journalist Perry Lefko, who has won numerous awards for his work over the years. His insightful and eloquent work often tells the fascinating stories of people who have spent their lifetimes dedicated to the auto industry, building a business and treating customers like family (see story above about Don Blacker). As a reporter he’s covered everything from horse racing to sports, but he specializes in automotive. Last week he was recognized by a panel of judges who are his peers at Automobile Journalists Association of Canada, who awarded him the prestigious 2022 Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) Environmental Journalism Award.

Sponsored by Hyundai Auto Canada, the 2022 AJAC Environmental Journalism Award was given to one winner, and two runners up. Lefko is the 2022 overall winner for his story titled: “David Suzuki reflects on his experience driving from Vancouver to Toronto in an electric vehicle.” This marks the first time Lefko has won the overall award for AJAC’s Environmental Journalism Awards.

“I’ve won writing awards before, but this was the first time for a story about the automotive industry. I’m so thankful to the Toronto Star, Wheels editor Dean Lisk, who assigned me this story, and my mentor and friend Norris McDonald, who gave me the opportunity to write about the automotive industry six years ago. I’m also thankful to Canadian auto dealer for hiring me a year ago. It would be great to win an award for something I’ve written for this company. Unfortunately, I was battling a flu bug and couldn’t attend the awards night. If anybody wants to hear the victory speech I never gave, I’m happy to share it with them.”

The winners were selected by Laura Linden, account director at Middle Child Public Relations; Dominique Gargour, media director, Innocean Worldwide Canada; and Paul-André House, account executive at Tequila Communication et Marketing. All three judges have extensive experience within the automotive industry, through advertising, media communications and public relations. The winners were selected based on a number of variables, but focused on three overarching criteria: style, creativity as well as content and impact.

The press release from Hyundai announcing the award said “David Suzuki reflects on his experience driving from Vancouver to Toronto in an electric vehicle”—The overall winning article by Perry Lefko, was selected based on its ability to take a common concern and turn it into an educational and engaging story for the everyday reader. The article by Perry Lefko as published on tackles one of the biggest concerns in EV ownership—range anxiety. Lefko walks the reader through David Suzuki’s journey from Vancouver to Toronto in a Volvo C40 Recharge, covering all questions that the average motorist may have when planning a cross-country road trip in an EV.”

Everyone at Canadian auto dealer congratulates Lefko on this significant career achievement, (and we look forward to being the publication that publishes his next award-winning story).

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