Lifestyle guru Marilou joins Hyundai Canada as brand ambassador in Quebec

The French-Canadian singer, businesswoman, blogger and busy mom will now use her unique skills to “enrich Hyundai Auto Canada’s presence in the province.”

Inspired by her music, food blog, personal journey, and large social media following, Hyundai Auto Canada has partnered with Marilou, a well-known French-Canadian creator, businesswoman and busy mom, to help promote the auto brand in la belle province as a new brand ambassador.

Marilou is the voice behind the popular Trois fois par jour website, and according to the Hyundai press release, “brings a unique perspective inspired by her personal journey to enrich Hyundai Auto Canada’s presence in the province.” As a cultural trendsetter, Marilou brings this long-term partnership her special social media talents, showing how her aspirational lifestyle fits perfectly with Hyundai’s products and brand aesthetic.

“To be a brand ambassador for Hyundai means a lot. With a hectic schedule, I find myself spending more waking hours in my vehicle than in my home these days, so being able to partner with a brand that combines all the modern luxury, comfort, safety, and functionality is all I could wish for,” said Marilou. “It’s really important for me to align with partners and brands that I feel passionate about and identify with. I’m excited to shine the spotlight on Hyundai in Quebec, and being able to cruise around my favourite city in amazing rides is just the cherry on top!”

The partnership launches alongside Hyundai Auto Canada’s new communications platform, “We make WAH,” with continued emphasis on the Korean expression – “WAH”. The phrase “Wah” or “Wow” in English.

A mom of two and entrepreneur  with multiple projects on the go including the growing Trois fois par jour business, her home renovations and aspirational social life, Marilou will collaborate with Hyundai Auto Canada to highlight her unique lifestyle in ways that bring “WAH” to both Hyundai customers and retailers in Quebec.

“A future thinker who has confidently steered her own career trajectory with independence and integrity, Marilou holds an organic synergy with Hyundai Auto Canada’s values,” said Christine Smith, director of marketing, Hyundai Auto Canada. “As we look to bring ’WAH!’ to our customers across Quebec, we’re thrilled to partner with Marilou, who continues to evolve in her numerous artistic pursuits and always aims to bring joy to her fans.”

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