Former CADA President Rick Gauthier named Chairman of the Board of Georgian College

September 14, 2022

Some people slide into retirement and are never heard from again, but others remain active following the pursuits and passions that motivated them during their careers. Rick Gauthier, who in 2016 retired as President & CEO of the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association of Canada (CADA) has now taken on the role of Chairman of the Georgian College Board of Governors.

“After I retired, Dr. MaryLynn West-Moynes asked me if I wanted to join the Board of Governors. I was a little hesitant, because I didn’t want to work any more. But Georgian has a really special place in my heart. So, I agreed,” said Gauthier in an interview with Canadian auto dealer.

Gauthier was always a keen supporter of the college’s Automotive Business School of Canada, and did everything he could to drum up support for the program during his time at the helm of the country’s national dealer organization, CADA.

In retirement, Gauthier stepped away from dealer issues, but continued to support the college. “After serving for five years on the Georgian College Board of Governors, I am deeply honoured to serve as Chairman of the Board for the coming year,” said Gauthier.

Gauthier’s one-year term started Sept. 1, 2022, and he replaced outgoing Chairman Ali Khonsari.

Gauthier’s involvement with the college started in 1997 with the Canadian Automotive Institute (re-branded as the Automotive Business School of Canada in 2012). “Georgian College has a reputation, as well as a storied history, as a community builder, and a world class institution in the education of today’s young men and women. Through Georgian, its graduates are a tangible testament to the notion that today’s youth represent the basic foundation of tomorrow’s communities and economy throughout all of Canada.”

According to the Georgian College website: “The Georgian College Board of Governors consists of 12 members, together with the President and CEO of the college, one student, one faculty member, one support staff member and one administrative staff member. One-third of its membership is appointed through the Public Sector Appointment process and two-thirds is appointed directly by the Georgian College Board of Governors.

In general, a college board has the power to govern the college and in law, is responsible for the college’s activities. However, the college administration, which derives its authority from the board and is accountable to the board, manages the day-to-day activities of the college.”

For Gauthier, the appeal of working on behalf of the college has always been the energy and zeal of the young people he meets. “What attracted me to it is the transformation of the youth, and how that’s going to impact the country at large, and not just the Automotive Business School, all the Georgian graduates coming out of the other programs. It’s a wonderful, transformative institution,” said Gauthier.

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