Stellantis, Foxconn partner to design semiconductors

Stellantis and Hon Hai Technology Group (otherwise known as “Foxconn”) are teaming up to design semiconductors to support Stellantis and third-party customers.

In a news release, the CEO of Stellantis Carlos Tavares said their “software-defined transformation” will be powered by partners across industries and expertise.

“With Foxconn, we aim to create four new families of chips that will cover over 80 per cent of our semiconductor needs, helping to significantly modernize our components, reduce complexity, and simplify the supply chain,” said Tavares. “This will also boost our ability to innovate faster and build products and services at a rapid pace.”

Foxconn has a long-running history of developing semiconductors and applications within consumer electronics, and has experience in manufacturing semiconductors and software—which are two important areas for electric vehicles.

“We look forward to sharing this expertise with Stellantis and together tackle the long term supply chain shortages, as we continue with the expansion into the electric vehicle market,” said Young Liu, Chairman & CEO of Foxconn Technology Group.

The partnership was announced as part of the Stellantis Software Day 2021 event, during which the OEM unveiled its STLA Brain—a new electrical/electronic and software architecture launching in 2024 across the automaker’s four battery electric vehicle platforms.

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