Argus Cyber Security wins Automotive Cybersecurity Innovation of The Year

Argus Cyber Security, an Israeli automotive cyber security company, was awarded the Automotive Cybersecurity Innovation of The Year award in the annual AutoTech Breakthrough Awards, which recognizes standout companies, products, and services in the global auto and transportation tech industry.

As part of Cyber Security Awareness Month, Canadian auto dealer is putting a focus on automotive cyber-related news during the month of October—in addition to the publication of our annual cyber security feature, which appeared in the October issue of our magazine.

“As vehicles become increasingly software-driven and connected, their exposure to cyber risk increases,” said the company in a news release. “To address this risk and comply with regulations such as UNR 155 and GB/T, vehicle manufacturers need ways to verify that their vehicle software is free of vulnerabilities.”

Argus Cyber Security focuses on connected mobility. It said there is a common automatic testing technique called fuzzing, which sends “multiple messages to a target system, such as a vehicle electronic control unit (ECU), until it triggers a bug.”

The ideal method is called coverage-guided fuzzing, and it would allow OEMs to cost-effectively test their embedded software, potentially find more vulnerabilities, and then mitigate those issues before more damage is caused.

“Argus patent-pending technology allows coverage-guided fuzzing in what would otherwise be a black box security pen test activity,” said Yaron Galula, CTO Argus Cyber Security. “Prior to this innovation, it wasn’t feasible for vehicle manufacturers to use coverage-guided fuzzing for testing embedded devices.”

The company also offers a solution that automates the monitoring, detection, and mitigation of cyber-related vulnerabilities found in vehicles.

This year’s AutoTech Breakthrough Awards attracted more than 1,400 nominations, including industry leaders such as Mercedes Benz and Ford, from more than 15 different countries, according to Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of AutoTech Breakthrough Awards.

“The mission of the annual AutoTech Breakthrough Awards program is to conduct the industry’s most comprehensive analysis and evaluation of automotive and transportation technology categories,” said Vaughn, later adding that “Argus’ innovation raises the bar on cyber security for the entire Automotive industry.”

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