Quebec’s ZEV regulations will impact dealers

The Quebec government’s recently approved Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Standard needs more work, according to David Adams, President of the Global Automakers of Canada.

Isabelle Melançon, the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change, issued the final regulations in support of Bill 104 between Christmas and New Years. The Act is meant to help increase the number of ZEVs in Quebec to improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gases and create a low-carbon economy. However, Adams has noted that some issues remain which may affect manufacturers and dealers.

“There are still many aspects of the regulation that will continue to be very problematic for manufacturers, dealers and ultimately consumers. These challenges will require additional consultations, and we look forward to engaging with the Minister early in the new year,” said Adams. “It is important that the regulated parties — the manufacturers — are also part of the Minister’s advisory council that was announced on December 18th. Through discussion and collaboration come solutions.”

The current regulations are structured in such a way that will result in the government collecting charge payments instead of boosting the number of ZEVs on the road, said Adams, adding that this particular issue was the stated objective of the legislation. “Ultimately, consumers will decide which vehicle is best suited to their needs.”

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