Recalls can lead to more service

Car mechanic in uniform. Auto repair service.Processing vehicle recalls can help bring customers back to franchised dealerships for future business, according to Xtime analysis.

Xtime saw that half of all recall-related appointments for its dealerships generated revenue, even though the dealership can’t charge for recall repairs.

Dealers ended up seeing an average of $9,600 a month from these appointments, said the Cox Automotive subsidiary, which delivers retention solutions for franchised dealers.

The company said it has handled about 3.2 million appointments with recalls over the past year at its dealerships in Canada, the U.S., and Australia, and each dealership sees an average of 84 recall appointments monthly.

That means there’s a huge opportunity for service advisors to remind vehicle owners to return for additional service, said Xtime.

Service advisors should be reminding vehicle owners of the benefits of getting their vehicle serviced at a franchised dealership, which has trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment for faster and better repairs, said Xtime.

“Having an accurate snapshot of customers before they even arrive at the service drive allows dealerships to increase incremental revenue, recapture customers who had previously been lost to the aftermarket, boost repair orders and realize higher retention,” said Neal East, President of Xtime, in a written release.

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