Porsche and Nissan dealerships ranked highest in eLead response survey

porscheAccording to a new Internet Lead Effectiveness survey conducted by Pied Piper Management Company in the U.S., Porsche and Nissan dealerships ranked highest overall. The scores were calculated by using Pied Piper’s patent pending PSI process, which combines mystery shopping measurement and scoring with actual sales success.

The study noted that today, on average, the response by dealers to online customer enquiries within 30 minutes or less happened 48 per cent of the time. By contrast, two years ago, it took an hour to receive the same level of response from sales staff.

Across the industry, Pied Piper noted that today, overall response scores have improved, with 30 out of 33 automotive brands scoring greater than the industry average in 2011.

However, problems persist. Almost one in four of online customer enquiries today still go unanswered within 24 hours, a statistic that’s unchanged from last year.

piper-surveyOverall, in terms of improvements among dealers, Porsche, along with Audi and Hyundai stores saw the biggest gains. Nissan, along with Chrysler stores that handle Dodge Jeep and Chrysler brands, saw solid improvements for a second year in a row, landing them within the top five category when it came to Internet lead responses.

Fran O’Hagan, president and CEO of Pied Piper Management Company, said that the way in which dealers handle Internet leads “can be invisible from management or even worse, hidden behind misleading data. Shining a light on performance is the first step.”

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