Study finds consumers opt to repair own cars

A recent study released by Canadian Tire outlines that Canadians are more inclined to perform do it yourself repairs and maintenance this summer.

According to the survey, an increasing number of Canadians are being pinched by skyrocketing gas prices. So to avoid being without a car, Canadians are choosing to change their air filters, swap-out their own oil, and even change their own tires to avoid ‘extra’ spending. This, of course, could spell lost revenue, a decreased customer base, and less busy service bays for dealers.

How can you stop this? To help wrangle possible DIY’ers back into your service department, create incentive packages or bundle deals to keep customer traffic consistent, this could also include family/friend incentives to bring new customers through your doors in the dry months. The survey also revealed:

· 44 percent said they would check and replace air filters themselves;
· 33 percent would attempt to change their own tires;
· 73 percent think they could take on monitoring and topping up their vehicle’s fluids; and
· 58 percent will inspect and replace vehicle light bulbs.

The study found that 56 percent of the 1,012 surveyed indicated they were perfectly willing to take on the role of ‘DIY mechanic’ to save car-related costs.

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