Subaru lets customers book service on mobile phones

April 28, 2011

Subaru Canada announced a new level of integration for its service scheduling.

The company’s new mobile site lets customers book appointments on their smartphones. The mobile site lets them book themselves into already available time slots.

Before launching its mobile site, the company did have service booking functionality on its website. Like many OEMs, however, the previous system was based on a dealer’s “best efforts” to schedule bookings. The new functionality lets customers book directly into the service module, and can pick a preferred day or specific timeslot.

This new level of mobile integration is available to Subaru dealers using Aristo by PBS Systems Inc.

“Since launching mobile versions of and our 85 dealer websites, we have seen traffic more than double,” said George Hamin, Director of eBusiness and Information Systems. “So we are investing in mobile development accordingly.”

The new mobile version allows for full integration with smartphones, as well as allowing customers to locate Subaru dealers using GPS and location services already available.

“We still allow users to input their postal code in the event they are looking for a dealer or vehicle in another location, but for the most part we rely on location-based services to find a dealer or vehicle closest to where they are right now,” said Hamin.

Subaru will be working with other DMS providers to provide similar integration.

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