Mercedes-Benz scores hat trick in 2010 CADA DSI Awards

April 20, 2011

Volkswagen, Chrysler also earn awards

Mercedes-Benz Canada capped its best year in history with the top spot on the 2010 CADA DSI Survey’s Overall Opinion Index chart, and the company scored a hat trick by winning three prestigious 2010 CADA DSI Awards. Volkswagen Canada won two awards and Chrysler Canada won one.

The 2010 CADA DSI Awards were
presented on February 17 at a special awards luncheon sponsored by the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association in Toronto, ON.

“I applaud all the winners, and congratulate those manufacturers that continue to make great efforts to support their dealer networks, even in difficult times,” says CADA president & CEO Rick Gauthier. “After all they’ve been through, our dealer networks remain strong and have proven they can adapt to change.”

The 2010 CADA DSI Award winners were selected based on the results from CADA’s annual DSI Survey that goes out to dealer principals each fall. The survey asks dealers questions related to the performance of their manufacturers, working with them in areas that include overall communication, ease of doing business, vehicle and parts deliveries, customer satisfaction policies and sales and service. Dealers also rate their operations’ success through questions related to franchise value changes and whether they feel they are getting a fair return on investment.

CADA’s DSI Survey is a vital diagnostic tool for tracing and fixing faults that develop in the relationship between auto manufacturers and the dealers who represent them, something fully appreciated by both groups, which results in a strong and increasingly meaningful response each year.

“The survey has proven effective in monitoring this relationship, addressing issues that arise from it and providing solutions, often through direct CADA involvement,” says Tim Ryan, CADA’s Director, Industry Relations & General Counsel.

Ryan says the survey gets such a positive response because dealers are involved in a tough minded and competitive industry and are aware their links to their manufacturers must be watched and worked on diligently. “It should come as no surprise that companies that maintain good relations with their dealers are often found ranked near the top of the survey’s charts,” he says.

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